Church Facilities Usage

Church Facilities Usage Questionnaire (Non-wedding):                

 Regulations of Church Facilities Use


  •  Sound system may only be operated by a trained St. Andrew’s Sound Technician.
  • Altar and pulpit may not be disturbed without expressed permission.
  • The narthex tables and displays may not be disturbed without expressed permission.
  • Any decorating must be pre-approved. Please describe on event questionnaire (below).
  • Excess paper programs or other paper must be properly placed in the trash cans provided in the sanctuary or narthex.  The sanctuary and narthex must be left as found.

 Fellowship Hall Use

 After event, Fellowship Hall must be cleared of all items brought in.

  • Use of any kind of tape, glue  or tacks to the walls or doors is not permitted.
  • Any decorating must be pre-approved.  Please describe on event questionnaire.
  • Project and sound system equipment can only be operated by trained St. Andrew’s members or by expressed permission.
  • Unless custodial fee is added, all trash cans in Fellowship Hall must be emptied and trash bags placed in the cans outside the kitchen exit. New liners put in the trash cans. Tables and kitchen counters wiped clean.

 **A check for the appropriate custodian fee will be collected prior to the every event regardless if this service is requested.  The check  will be  returned  if  the Fellowship Hall is left clean.

  Kitchen Use and Food

  •  All food and beverages must be provided by the renter.  Highly colored beverages other than coffee are discouraged to avoid carpet stains.
  • Kitchen must be left clean, all brought in food removed, counters cleared, and dishes cleaned and put away.
  • Unless custodial fee is added-All trash cans in kitchen must be emptied and trash bags placed in the cans outside the kitchen exit. New liners put in the trash cans

  Building Keys

  •  Members may obtain a key from the church office prior to the event during office hours.
  • Non-members must make arrangement for entrance and lock-up through the church office through the church office.

Please print the questionnaire below and provide the information requested.  Once completed, you can bring the form to the church office (209 Colorado Ave., Ames, IA 50014) or you can mail it to the office (address provided).   The information provided will be reviewed to determine appropriate fees. Please submit as far in advance as possible up to two weeks prior to the event.  If you  have questions, you can contact the office at (515)292-2131 or at

Note:  Church Related Activities or Events Have Priority Over All Other Uses

Person making request & responsible for usage___________________________________

Member or Non-member____________________________________________________


Phone and e-mail__________________________________________________________


Purpose/Title of event_____________________________________________________

Date(s)____________________ Timeframe(s)__________________________________

Space requested:     Sanctuary___  Fellowship Hall___________    Kitchen________

                                 Classrooms_____ Specify__________________________________

                                 Outside event _________ Specify area________________________

(Maximum capacity of the Fellowship Hall (set by the Ames Fire Marshall) is 132 persons)
(Maximum capacity of the Sanctuary (set by the Ames Fire Marshall is 490 persons)
(St. Andrew’s is a Non-Smoking Facility)


Number of people attending (estimate) ______________

Personnel requested: Organist*____  Pianist______   Sound Technician*__________

                Custodian (with reception)*______ Custodian (without reception)*_______

(* See Supplement page for further details)

Describe your event as fully as possible (below or attach): 

If applicable, describe any furniture arranging requested and decorating plan.

Please note that tape, glue or tacks usage is not allowed on walls or doors.

Consultation with custodian may be required.

 Church Facilities Usage (Non-wedding) Specifications

 Fellowship Hall Furniture                               Classroom Furniture

 14-6 ft. white plastic top tables                       3-5.5 ft x 2.5 ft. blue youth table
2-8 ft. white plastic top tables                          14 blue youth chair
2-4 ft. white folding tables                                 1-4 ft x 2 ft brown youth table
2-4 ft. white non-folding tables                       4-8 ft brown tables
125 white plastic folding chairs                      Miscellaneous chairs
80 wooden blue cloth padded chairs           Several Couches