Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Committee Quarterly Report (Qtr 1)

January – April, 2013

Have Done:

  • Signup of members to provide treats and do cleanup each Sunday after worship. Members of the committee filled in for many of the dates that were open.
  • Committees were assigned dates to provide soup for Lenten Soup Suppers and bulletin and newsletter information was passed on to Pastor Beth and Linda Seaverson for approval.
  • Two new people have joined our committee, Jane Ellis and Judy McDonald. Jane agreed to be our new chairperson.
  • Arranged for treats at 9:00 am for Annual Meeting on Jan. 27 instead of the usual after church.
  • Fellowship Committee served Lenten Soup Supper on Feb. 20.
  • Assisted Tanzania Ministry Team with “Trivia Night” with a light supper. Thanks to Ken Larson who made chili and Fellowship/Tanzania committee members provided condiments for the chili, made cookies, rolls, corn bread and beverages, served and cleaned up.
  • New office cabinet was bought at Sam’s Club and converted into a cart for serving coffee in the Narthex. It had to be put together, large casters installed and press board bottom was reinforced with steel strips and lots of screws. It wheels easily over carpeting and down the hall.
  • Made list of all supplies used in the kitchen: paper, cleaning, beverage, plastic to be replaced when needed. Extra supplies are now stored in the closet in Fellowship Hall.
  • Birthday Sunday held April 21 after worship. We had 14 home made layer cakes. Cakes were made by committee members and members of the congregation. Everyone enjoys.
  • Made list of all jobs/responsibilities our committee does and who will do.
  • Have experimented with serving and attaining a traffic flow that will work during fellowship and other events.
  • Advertised need for people to sign up to serve fellowship on Sundays and clean up afterwards. A plea was made in church, announcement in bulletin and an insert was put in bulletin to be placed in basket after church. Thirteen people/couples said they would be willing to serve fellowship from time to time.
  • Some cleaning of the kitchen has been accomplished.
  • Potluck on May 1 to welcome our visitors from Tanzania. TZ committee is asking Fellowship to organize the potluck food as it arrives, provide water, lemonade and coffee; assist the TZ Committee with clean up after the potluck.

To do in Future

  • Continue with fellowship time signup. It should be noted that help is needed most for serving and clean up. Fellowship has the budget to buy treats at Sam’s Club or other places and have them ready to be served on a Sunday. This should be easier for those who don’t have the time to bake and/or use their own money to buy. If there are no volunteers on a certain day we will not have treats but will offer coffee, tea and lemonade so that people can stay and socialize.
  • The committee will help with a picnic after church on August 25.
  • Thrivent will provide the food except for beverages and bread.Thanksgiving Eve Pie Fest is a festive occasion we as a committee plan
  • Cleaning and sorting of kitchen items will continue.
  • Property Committee has already taken down accordion doors in kitchen and Jane will ask them to hook up ice machine, clean the furnace room and add shelves above counters in kitchen.