Education Committee

The Education committee is responsible for planning and overseeing the education program for St. Andrew’s, including Adult Education, Sunday School, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School, and the Advent Workshop. This committee meets the first Sunday of the month after worship. Contact – Susan Teas

Edwards School Backpack Program

The Edwards Elementary Ministry Team provides support to our neighborhood school by picking up food from the Food Bank of Iowa and filling bags at 9am every Thursday morning, September through May (excepting school holidays). They are delivered to school children at Edwards Elementary who are identified as “in need” of nutritional supplements over the weekend. For more information and how to help, contact Mary Johnson.

Fellowship Committee

The committee creates, coordinates and assists in strengthening fellowship among members and visitors. Typical activities include keeping supplies in stock for the kitchen and in keeping the kitchen in good working order. Assisting with fellowship after worship on Sunday and coordinating members to assist in serving as hosts each Sunday. We assist in hosting special occasions such as Rally Sunday dinner, Thanksgiving Pie Fest, Soup Suppers, Birthday Sunday, and assisting each other with special occasion dinners, picnics, receptions or anniversaries.

This committee meets the second Monday of the month (September through May). Committee members are pictured, left to right: Mary Lokken, Miriam Takle, Lynnette Jensen, Charlotte Kemp, JoAnn Kovar and Gayle Osterberg Contact: Gayle Osterberg or Denise Link


Outreach Committee

The goal for the Outreach Committee is to strive to fulfill the St. Andrew’s vision statement. Our vision commits us to reach out with compassion to those in need, to be inviting to others, to break down barriers and to reach across lines of status and culture, increasing our visibility in the community.

The committee’s goals are to:

  • Encourage the congregation to reach out to invite friends, family, and co-workers to worship with us
  • Send welcoming cards and literature to visitors
  • Oversee the Welcome Table in the Narthex
  • Advertise our church and special events through various media
  • Facilitate the orientation and welcoming of new members into the congregation
  • Coordinate the delivery of a meal to new mothers and those with health problems

Lisa Downs is the contact for Outreach Committee.

Pine Ridge Ministry Team

Contacts for this team are: Kris Parsons

Property and Rental Ministry Committee

This team has the responsibility for oversight of all church property matters. This includes a broad range of fiscal, remodel/repair, and client relation skills for the church building and grounds as well as oversight our rental ministry properties.

The Rental Property Ministry arm of this group is a ministry to bring affordable, quality housing to the community. Ames is one of the most expensive communities in the state of Iowa in which to rent or purchase housing. A building boom has added hundreds of new apartments and houses to the area in recent years but has not lowered rental prices. There is a segment of the local population that does not qualify for any city, state, or federal housing assistance and yet are unable to afford to live in Ames. Our goal with this ministry is to reach out to those people who are marginalized in the housing market and provide for them safe, affordable housing. The Property Committee oversees the properties however a local agency does the property management including coordinating repairs and maintenance and finding renters. Currently, we have five properties that are part of this ministry. Contact: Linda Seaverson

Social Concerns Committee

This committee strives to show people the love of Christ through the promotion of social responsibility within the Christian faith of the congregation. We educate the congregation regarding needed action on social problems at the local, state, national, and international levels. We also study service organizations and facilitate in educating the congregation regarding the work of these organizations as well as offer recommendations of allocating church funds to such agencies. This committee meets the last Sunday of the month after worship.. Joan Dubberke is the contact for this committee.

Stewardship and Finance Committee

This committee has the responsibility of monitoring, coordinating, and communicating the financial status and needs of the congregation as well as local and national benevolence agencies. Its primary mission is to develop and call out from all members their talents to carry out the vision of compassion and outreach in all ministries of St. Andrew’s. Linda Seaverson is the contact for the Stewardship and Finance Committee.

Tanzanian Ministry Team

To go to the Tanzanian Ministry Team website click here. Contact for this team is: Carol Putz

Worship and Arts Committee

The St. Andrew’s Worship & Arts committee meets 2nd Sunday after worship each month. The committee is pictured left to right: Mary Johnson, Steven Hoifeldt, Connie Sweeney, Cheryl White, Sharon Mott, Sarah Buck, Sharon Anderson and Sharon Prochnow. Not pictured are Al Jergens, Kris Miles. Contact for this committee is Mary Johnson.

Youth Committee

Contacts for this committee are Kaitlyn and Blythe Schultz.