Mission, Vision, and Values


Share God’s Love.



We Live in and Share God’s Love with All.



Unconditional Love

We strive to emulate and incarnate the open arms of Jesus Christ as he revealed God's love by embracing the broken, welcoming the outcast, and giving his life on the cross.


Meaningful Worship

Worship focused on God, God's Word and sacraments, and invites genuine praise and meaningful encounter with God in Christ.


Radical Hospitality

Going the extra mile to welcome and include all people into our life as a congregation and individuals.


Faithful Service

Service to the local, national, and global community that abundantly shares God’s love as the hands, feet and open arms of Jesus.


Selfless Generosity

Sharing what God has first given us in ways that show the abundance of God's grace.


Compassionate Care

Sharing God's love and care for family, friends, members, neighbors and the world.