To use the nifty scan to give code, you need to go to your app store on your smart phone and download a QR scanner app.  Open the app after you download it and let it scan the code.  It should open up a page that will ask you if you want to follow the link, or else take you directly to the page for St. Andrew’s e-payments.  Then you just fill out the forms with how much you want to donate to where, where you want your donations to come from, and the frequency of the donations.  If you don’t have a profile yet, when you hit next, it’ll ask you for your personal information to create a profile, as well as the information needed for the payment and it will ask you to set up a password.  Setting up a profile will save you time in the future, as you will be able to log in and have all that information already entered.  Hit next and  save your profile, approve your giving payment and you’re done!  Try it out!