The PRMT (Pine Ridge Ministry Team) will be collecting donations monthly–the 2nd Saturday of each month 9am-12pm at Colorado Junction Room 209.

Right now we are looking for spring and summer clothing items; winter clothing items are always welcome …very gentle used for all ages and shapes and sizes. Also, craft items, canning items, baby items and blankets.  We can always use school supplies and diapers. Also, if you are interesting in helping sort, you can come over at this time. Questions? Contact Jim Copley or Almira Uemura.

For many summers, members of the high school youth group and many adult leaders have traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota for a mission trip. Each year, they are involved with a building project that helps the people of the reservation. They also learn about many of the social and economic problems facing the residents of the reservation. This summer, a group of 19 volunteers will be headed back to Pine Ridge to help with a variety of projects.  If you would be interested in helping to donate either money or supplies to our project, please contact Kris Parsons for more information on Pine Ridge.