Karibu! Amani ikae nanyi.

Welcome! Peace be with you.

** Members of the Tanzanian Ministry Team (TMT) will be posting updates of their travel adventures on their blog.  Check out the TMT travel blog for updates.


After traveling to Tanzania many times to meet with our companions in Hedaru, we are excited to work with them doing God’s work in their community. They have taught us many things in our visits, and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our Tanzanian companions.


The Tanzania Ministry Team continues to focus on ways to develop personal relationships with the people of the Hedaru Lutheran Parish. We have written letters, exchanged photos, and focused on getting to know them personally. As a result of our relationship with Hedaru, an independent nonprofit organization was founded when some members of the Tanzania Ministry Team decided to tackle larger humanitarian issues in the region.

Use the link below to learn about the activities of this independent nonprofit organization, Tanzania Partners:

Visit Tanzania Partners.  You can also get updates on facebook – TMT